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Kristi Smith

Springdale School District/Hellstern Middle School
Fayetteville, Arkansas Area
Kristi is currently a teacher in a 7th grade classroom at Hellstern Middle School in Springdale, Arkansas. She has 30+ years of experience in teaching science in secondary education. Recently Kristi became a National Geographic certified educator and facilitator. Her favorite National Geographic Explorers are: Shivani Bhalla, Paul Nicklen, Topher White, Robert Ballard, Andres A. Ruzo, Paola Bouley and last but not least, Jane Goodall. There are just so many! She has recently completed a STEM tour of Germany with the TransAtlantic Outreach Program (TOP). Kristi has attended professional development in places such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the San Diego Zoo, the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and the National Science Teachers convention in St. Louis. She is also a certified eMINTS instructor. Kristi strives to inspire creativity, adventure, exploration, and problem solving in her students so they will be able to celebrate and protect the world in which we live. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @polished2shine.