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Shirley Woodlee

Springdale Schools
Springdale High School
I have been a Christian all my life. Before entering the education arena, raised in an large family of 11 people in the household, joined the Army in 1972 for 3 years 3 months worked in Payroll area, married in 78 and raised with my spouse 4 children, worked at Swanson ( chicken plant) in many departments, worked sewing factory, drove a box mail truck to Springfield, MO on the 3rd shift, participated over many years teaching a religious program from Pre-Kindergarden to Adults, and have 17 years working as an Special Ed Teacher in self-contain room, Inclusion Teacher in Math, Science, and English settings. I enjoy working with students and will retire here in a few years. I have 5 grandchildren at this time, and I live with my two dogs Charlie and Delia. I spend my time helping my grown children to take care of their children and pets. I have two children who are in the military service so travel in the summer time to Washington DC and Gulfport, MS.